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Friday December 20 2002


Go here, and enter the URL of your choice to have it translated into Snoop Doggy Dogg-speak. This sort of thing has been around forever, but it still amuses :)

Posted at 10:12 pm by Jim Woods

Here's an interesting thing. BlogTree is a project to track the development of blogging. You register your blog and state which pre-existing blogs inspired you to start it up. As a result, a tree is built which shows the genealogy of blogging. I wonder where the proto-blog will be found eventually?
Posted at 4:56 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday December 19 2002

Zippo lighter tricks

Go here to see, of all things, an entire site devoted to the tricks you can get up to with your Zippo. Presumably not burning down your house. Or anyone else's. The great beauty of this site is that many tricks are illustrated with videos. Check the Holy Volley - extraordinary.

Posted at 4:47 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday December 18 2002

Hudson River shipwrecks

In the order of 200 shipwrecks, almost certainly very well preserved indeed due to the peculiarities of that environment, have been mapped in the estuary. Fears of plundering and illicit salvage prevent the publication of precise details, but if you freely and painlessly register with the New York Times site (direct-as-I-can-get-it link to the story) you can access the tale.

Posted at 6:30 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 17 2002

Historically fascinating music
Old-time country music from the 20's and 30's. Get down.
Posted at 5:15 am by Jim Woods

Monday December 16 2002

Hairy old technology
Pocket Calculator Show has, perhaps unsurprisingly, an excellent collection of old calculators. Additional joy is the ghetto-blaster museum. But the jewel in the crown is the old digital watches - tons of 'em - which really takes me back to the days where styling was a dirty word and taste was on holiday. Have a look; you won't believe the stuff we used to wear...
Posted at 5:20 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday December 15 2002

Media playing
Inmatrix produce a great free media player called Zoom Player, which has pretty much all the features that Media Player in Windows should have but doesn't. One ability of particular usefulness is the codec registering / deregistering capability. This thing is a real asset in maintaining your media settings, as well as a very flexible player. And many files which will not seek properly under WMP will work just fine with this.
Posted at 4:25 pm by Jim Woods

Linux music tools
Loads and loads of free software tools for doing music stuff on Linux, easily installed. From the Eastman Computer Music Centre.
Posted at 1:17 pm by Jim Woods

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