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Saturday November 30 2002

And the lack of decent entries continues...

Sorry all - drumming and the general relocation of gear have taken over from Linux as the current distraction. Lots of house reorganization necessary as I am doing one of my periodic "bring all music gear home" operations. Hopefully I'll get some more PC time in tomorrow, and dig up some decent links.

Posted at 4:10 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday November 28 2002

More quiet times

I'm afraid the blog is a little subdued at the moment. Anyone who has tried to get the Alcatel ADSL modem up and running under Linux will know what I'm going through. Those who have not, there but for the grace of...

Posted at 5:54 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday November 27 2002

Bag End

Want to live underground like a Hobbit? Thought so. Here's the site for you then!

Posted at 5:25 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday November 26 2002

Mobile phone orgy of excitement

Given my unhappy experiences with various forms of electronic organisers and their kin*, I am given to simply carrying my Nokia 3310 mobile phone around with me and storing phone numbers on that. What I'll do when the SIM card is full (185 numbers I need in there, 200-slot SIM) is another question, but at least it's a reliable store. I went to a computer fair - for the first time, in fact - with my henchman the Hatter last Saturday, where I obtained software and a data cable for 8. Now I can back up all the data on the phone to my PC, which is a major weight off my mind. I can also add different logos and ringtones to my heart's content, which is a little less exciting at my age. It feels good to have a backup! That's my life in there!

*Crashing, crashing, crashing. If you've put all your info in once, you don't want to have to do it again. Nor do you want to be deprived of it while away in southern France for three weeks. 'Nuff said.

Posted at 6:05 pm by Jim Woods

Linuxing about

I have a working Linux setup organised now, using something called DemoLinux garnered from a PC Plus mag disk. I'm blown away by how well this works and how much good software is already there with the installation. It's Debian-based and Gnome and KDE both are available as window managers. The merry fun is in trying to get my USB ADSL modem working with it. I've got all the bits, but the business of installing them is a nightmare. Clearly this is where the learning curve is going to flatten out for me. I can see that it's going to be worth it though.

More when I've got the thing net-enabled...

Posted at 5:40 pm by Jim Woods

Pimmy. What the hell is Pimmy?
Pimmy is a - no other way to put it - pretty little free mail client. Really small and sparing of resources. Extremely easy to set up and use and with most, if not all, of the functionality one really needs, this one is really well worth checking out.
Posted at 4:21 am by Jim Woods

Monday November 25 2002

Alpha Blondy

Reggae fans take note: The new Alpha Blondy album "Merci" kicks several kinds of. Track 10 is a sublime cover of Free's "All Right Now".

Posted at 4:05 pm by Jim Woods

More fannying about

Well, it works. I am also now painfully aware of the racket from my twin 40-gig 7200 rpm hard drives. I also fitted a 450 watt power supply which is supposed to be as quiet as they come, less than 32 db. The pc is far from silent :( The mission continues...

Posted at 2:23 am by Jim Woods

Silent fan fun

Having fitted a new silent (we'll see...) cpu fan to my Duron imagine my consternation when the pc refused to boot up, claiming that the cpu fan was not working. Very helpful, but less so when one is actually watching the aforesaid cheerfully whizzing around. After some considerable head-scratching I found a bios setting to nobble the fan (speed I assume) sensor. Unfortunately by that time I'd put the old fan back in. For my next trick I'll swap again and see what happens.

Posted at 1:53 am by Jim Woods

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