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Saturday November 23 2002


Well, I've managed to get a bootable Linux cd into play. Also added second 40gb 7200 rpm hard drive, a fast LG burner and a silent (yeah, right) power supply. Mucking about with all this (not to mention a good drink) is likely to mean little or no updating here until Monday or so. Sorry.

Posted at 9:02 pm by Jim Woods

Friday November 22 2002

Download Linux

If you want to try a decent operating system, and in the process discover the true meaning of "mind-shaggingly enormous download", head on over to here. You'll find disk images of most of the popular distributions.

Posted at 9:33 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday November 21 2002


A great deal of well-presented info on running your PC here. Lots of software links too. All in all, a great read to find out about Windows tech stuff without being bored or baffled.

Posted at 7:03 pm by Jim Woods

MechCAD AceMoney

I've been using Microsoft Money to keep track of all my (rather pathetic) finances for years now; in fact, about seven years. It must be said that Money is a pretty good product whose only real drawback, apart from the statutory bloat, is that it ties me to the MS Win platform. I need access to the data I have stored in it over the years. When I'm feeling energetic I'll have a shot at running it under emulation on Linux, which is a move I am intending to make when I have a second box on which to install it. Anyway, I would not be without a financial package of this type. I bought Money because it was what I found when I first looked, and it worked with Barclays online banking service. The alternative would have been Quicken, but for reasons which now escape me I went for Money. If I'd been aware of a free alternative I'd have tried it first though - which is where AceMoney comes in...

AceMoney is a free personal financial manager. Two things make it neat: It can import and export .QIF files, which are an industry standard format. And it's really small and resource-efficient. There are very few packages of this type available for free, so I'm pleased to have found this one. If you're looking, give it a go. It's admirably simple to set up and use.

Posted at 12:56 pm by Jim Woods

White Cliffs Underground

All sorts of fine military ruins in Kent (and particularly around Dover) at White Cliffs Underground. I particularly like the sound mirrors, which you'll find extensively photographed in the coastal defence section of the site.

Posted at 11:14 am by Jim Woods

Underground NY

Plenty of excellent subterranean photography of New York here. There's a book available too.

Dark Passage has good stuff along the same lines too!

Posted at 12:39 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday November 20 2002

Doxpara Research
This is a cool site; lots of security stuff, and a fair bit of UI stuff (a favourite of mine). There are some really interesting and innovative TCP/IP tools here!
Posted at 2:23 pm by Jim Woods

Oh yes, I remember!

I'm supposed to be putting up interesting links, aren't I? Well, the splendidly entitled Future of Music Coalition is one such link. Given the new formats which have recently emerged and the copyright issues currently being debated this site should be required reading for anyone who makes their living from music. It's all up for grabs right now, after all.

Posted at 1:35 pm by Jim Woods

And quiet elsewhere...

Well, Monday's shopping trip to Calais went about as painlessly as these things ever do. There were very few people travelling via Eurotunnel - it was quieter than I'd ever seen it - so I made a mental note to go over on Mondays from now on. We didn't even suffer from heavy traffic on the M25.

Posted at 12:40 pm by Jim Woods

Monday November 18 2002


It's quiet here, because I'm tired and busy. Probably Wednesday will see the first entries of substance, as I'm off to France today shopping and busy tomorrow too.

Posted at 1:23 am by Jim Woods

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