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Saturday November 9 2002

Phoenix browser

This is a stripped-out Mozilla, from the same people. Want something lightweight but powerful (and free)? Here's the one...

Posted at 7:57 pm by Jim Woods

Here are some pictures of geek rooms full of computers (and who knows what else). It's good to dream. If I can get pictorial evidence of my associate The Hatter's shrine, I'll post it for your mind-bogglement.
Posted at 6:56 pm by Jim Woods

Friday November 8 2002


I can't imagine that this is news to many people these days, but you can get free email and various useful customised news pages and so on at Yahoo. HotMail is not the only option...

Posted at 9:56 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday November 7 2002

Browser news

Erm, news about browsers. That'll be why they call it Browser News then. So if you want all the news about browsers....

I give up. I'm going to bed. Damn you, Tomlin-san.

He knows.

Posted at 2:49 am by Jim Woods

Peer to peer

So you want stuff? Loads of free stuff? I'm not claiming any particular authority on the file-sharing craze and its attendant networks and software, but I have come across WinMX and adjudged it sound. It doesn't come with any spyware, advertising or other extraneous crap for one thing. And that has to be good. And the users of it have a LOT of James Last and Richard Clayderman (in many cases playing together) available. I'm not arguing with that kind of authority...

Posted at 2:43 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday November 6 2002

Peacock Information Centre

More about Peacocks than you ever wanted to know, here.

Posted at 8:46 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday November 5 2002

Astounding DVD player hacks

Seems that (joy oh joy) certain DVD players available in the UK as well as abroad can have IDE hard drives fitted - making them in effect into cheap multimedia jukeboxes for both movies and MP3s. I want, I so want...

Have a look here for the details of how to do this, and to what.

Posted at 2:37 pm by Jim Woods

Searching this site

I am very much inclined to add a search engine to this site, which would hopefully allow users to find previous entries by keyword rather than by having to manually trawl through the archives. The problem with doing this is that all the free services which offer this facility are ad-supported. And I hat banner ads. Hate 'em. As bad as spam. However, I can see that the facility to search the site is a glaring omission and therefore I may be forced to go with one of the less obtrusive services. Any thoughts?

Posted at 2:11 am by Jim Woods

Monday November 4 2002

Cheap used computers
Novec (in West Sussex, UK) has a massive load of old stuff (and new). Great place to pick up Linux-able boxes for peanuts...
Posted at 3:06 pm by Jim Woods

Dubbists - forward!
This is a beautifully designed site which allows you to make your own dub tracks up. It's heavily reliant on Flash - but you can get that as a free download from the site itself (or numerous other places). I love things like this! It looks and sounds so good...
Posted at 2:49 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday November 3 2002

Online favourites/bookmarks management
Here is a list of sites offering the facility to store your links online, so that you are able to access them from any location. Useful if you travel about.
Posted at 2:51 pm by Jim Woods

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