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Saturday November 2 2002

TiVo trickiness
CorruptDb's page has software to link up TiVo units and get them to run PHP scripts. If this means nothing to you, you don't need to visit it :>
Posted at 6:19 pm by Jim Woods

Slashdot is one of the older and better tech news sites; loads of nerdy/geeky delights to be found here.
Posted at 5:56 pm by Jim Woods

The Osbournes
The Osbournes Resource will give you all the info you need on Ozzy and the family. If you don't currently watch this program, I suggest you take pains to start a.s.a.p. MTV UK also has a good Osbournes site, with a fun game and so on. Very nicely designed. Rock and roll.
Posted at 3:01 pm by Jim Woods

Friday November 1 2002

Amphetadesk, the neat news feed-agglomerator which I was talking about a few days ago, has proved to be a little too crash-prone for my tastes - so it's going to be one to keep an eye on here rather than a feature of daily life. Well, it is only at version 0.93.1. Got an email (with an attached Jpeg) today which reliably crashes Pegasus when I try to open it. Weird - this has never happened before...
Posted at 8:13 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday October 31 2002

Time for an entry

Have a look at this site for the most scientific and in-depth (continuing) investigation into the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Posted at 6:13 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 29 2002

World clock

The site time and date.com has this rather useful page!

Posted at 2:34 pm by Jim Woods


Here's a good piece of software for news and information junkies. AmphetaDesk is a clever little program which allows you to select from hundreds, thousands even, of news feeds of all kinds and then generates a browser page of links for you with all the latest stuff from those feeds. If you regularly keep an eye on one or more news sites then imagine it as a more convenient way of looking at loads of such sites. It's a data filter.

I'm really keen on clever tools like this which simplify the acquisition and collation of info. Check it out!

Posted at 2:52 am by Jim Woods

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