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Friday October 18 2002

Defeat the din at last...
Quietpc.com sell various parts and fans which will almost silence a PC. I'm going to get some of their stuff, as my box resides just outside my bedroom door and has to be sanctioned in order for me to get any sleep. Anyone who uses a pc for audio applications or for home entertainment will also find this stuff a huge help.
Posted at 4:11 am by Jim Woods

No Nags

A huge repository of genuine freeware here, which I may have mentioned before. In any case, it's worth mentioning more than once. I got some tools I use all the time here.

Posted at 4:08 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday October 16 2002

Forgot Trillian!

For all your instant messaging needs, here.

Posted at 4:53 am by Jim Woods

Cor, what an altruistic old sod I am!

I have decided to spend part of my precious life giving you a load of links to my favourite free software - then you can be as well equipped as myself, for better or for worse.

So let's go, and remember all this stuff is free for personal non-commercial usage!

IrfanView is a great image viewer/manager and editor.

Pegasus is a very powerful and safe email package. I've used it for nearly ten years...

Exact Audio Copy will clone an audio cd more accurately than anything else out there.

Jv16 is a safe registry cleaner with numerous other talents such as dupe-file finding.

Blog is what I use to easily and quickly generate this site.

602Pro PC Suite 2001 is an office suite which does most of what Word and Excel do and also reads their files. Outstanding freebie! Slay the Beast of Redmond...

Webcam Watcher is how I keep an eye on my virtual manor. Try it - it's excellent fun.

AVG is my anti-virus software of choice.

Ifind deserves an entry of its own here really, as it is a brilliant way of searching the web.

WS_FTP LE is an ftp client I've used for nearly a decade without problems. It simply does it.

Xircon, although no longer developed, is a great little IRC client which can be almost infinitely customised via scripts.

Netspider is a good batch file downloader.

Crazy Browser is such a good browser (using MS IE rendering engine) that I no longer use anything else!

Xnews is a good free newsreader for Usenet.

Right - that lot should keep you fixed up for a bit! I have all of the above permanently installed on my machine and recommend them. However standard disclaimer applies to this advice as hardware, and everyone's setup, varies. Sooooooo..... If any of it eats your cat, warps your guitar or tries to molest you too bad. I think of it this way; free software is always going to be worth it's cost.

I run Windows 98 kept up with all patches, for what it's worth, on a Duron 850 box.

If I find any other good free stuff I shall of course post it here.

Posted at 4:11 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 15 2002

A browser fiend's dream
Browser News is what it says - a great way to keep up on developments in browsing software.
Posted at 4:53 pm by Jim Woods


Keep an eye on the Opera website if you're interested in the forthcoming 7.0 release. It has been a good alternative browser to the big two for a while now and the upcoming version is apparently an almost total rewrite of the oily bits. Can't wait...

Posted at 4:45 pm by Jim Woods


Okay, anyone who feels that their life would be improved by having a weekly digest of this blog sent to them via email can send me their email address - and then sit back and watch with hilarity as I struggle to organize it.

Bring it on!

Posted at 5:56 am by Jim Woods

If you're into DVDs, DivX and video stuff
Here is a useful site. Full of info, codec software and the rest.
Posted at 4:15 am by Jim Woods

Monday October 14 2002

A great little game
Here is a fun little logic game you can play; don't be put off by the French language - it's perfectly possible to figure out what to do without understanding the little captions. I love these sorts of games.
Posted at 8:51 pm by Jim Woods

Fellow UK home cinema fiends

Check out these sites:

Home Cinema Choice Online

What Video and TV Online

They're both pretty generous about posting hardware and software reviews!

Posted at 4:31 am by Jim Woods

Urgh... Urgh..... No, it's no good - here's a load of computer stuff...

Loads of resources for broadband users. Like me. Gloat. Here.

And lookie here. A whole site devoted to speeding up your computer. Excellent.

Posted at 12:09 am by Jim Woods

Sunday October 13 2002

Link check

I've just checked and updated the Links page (militantly unsorted).

Nice to know that some routine maintenance does go on here :>

Posted at 2:58 am by Jim Woods

New Blog features

I'm working out how best to implement commenting and categorization with Blog 7.0 at the moment. Obviously this little site is just a hobby for me, but I do other stuff where there is considerably more data involved and it's a valuable guinea-pig for that sort of development. So I'd like to get organized commenting up and running. I'll be working on a template for it over the next week or so. If everything seems screwed up at any point, that'll be the most likely solution...

The ability to filter the view by entry category is also in the works. Software supports it, but as yet my templates do not. I like the idea of this, but as with all database work the art is in getting the right categories defined in the first place. Also working on it...

Posted at 2:43 am by Jim Woods

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