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Saturday October 12 2002

Friends site
Here is a good "Friends" site, for those like myself who like to look through episode guides to make sure they haven't missed anything!
Posted at 4:07 pm by Jim Woods

Friday October 11 2002

Blog 7.0

This blog is now running on version 7.0 of the rather cool free software. There is a lot of new functionality in this release, categorisation and commenting being two of the largest additions.

We'll see how it goes - please report any weirdness (other than background levels...).

Posted at 1:34 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday October 10 2002

If you liked the Lego stuff...

Go here; this one is the daddy of Lego-sculpting pages. I like the New York and San Francisco mosaics...

Posted at 11:57 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday October 9 2002

Lego harpsichord

Yes, that's right - it works and it's made entirely of Lego, except for the strings. Here. Henry has also made a hell of a Lego stegosaurus - a Legosaurus presumably.... Uhhhh.

Posted at 8:13 pm by Jim Woods

Monday October 7 2002


The gloat list is now updated to tell the torrid tale.

Posted at 9:51 pm by Jim Woods

Living room spaghetti festival

Although my "tedious gloat" page does not yet reflect this, I have been changing a few things around on my main home entertainment rig. Biggest change is the addition of a series one TiVo unit. Follow the link if you don't know what that is. It's very, very cool actually, especially for people such as myself who are out most of the time...

One thing that dawns on me when I attack the rig in order to add, subtract or move anything is quite how involved all the wiring is. Because it will amuse me, here's the wiring spec. in rough for my living room:

Lava lamp and other head toys apart, there are nine mains cables for the nine (surprisingly enough) elements of the system. The cinema amp at the core is hooked up to sundry sources by eight pairs of phono cables. Five speakers are also wired to it. The a/v elements are interconnected both via rf leads and SCARTs, of which there are six. Two digital coaxial feeds take the cd player and dvd unit to the cinema amp for assorted DAC applications under certain circumstances. Add an fm radio aerial, two telephone connections and a satellite feed and it's all ready to go. For common decency I have so far avoided hooking up laserdisc (remember that?), minidisc, eight track and open reel tape to the system. The beauty of it is that I have the connectivity for it if I need to.

I feel much better now, and I can go out soon.

Posted at 9:27 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday October 6 2002

Quiet time

No new content at the moment due to indolence and apathy both. Watch this space...

Posted at 11:33 am by Jim Woods

Basstard II

And now, after merely looking inside my bass amp, it works again...

No obvious loose connectors or whatever. It's driving me mad.

Posted at 11:32 am by Jim Woods

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