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Friday October 4 2002

Bass bastard

Played live for the first time in more than a month last night and the amp was dead on arrival. I had to do the whole night with my spare guitar amp, which, let us say, "severely impacted my tone". I am thoroughly sick of my Peavey Mark Six bass head - it keeps giving me trouble, seeming to be composed almost entirely of dry joints! I wonder if it's a known problem or whether I am just especially blessed?

Posted at 7:23 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday October 2 2002


I've found a very "designery" Radiohead site here. It's fun, with some nice audio, but it is so designed that I cannot easily tell if it's the official site or not. Perhaps that counts as a victory...

Posted at 8:34 pm by Jim Woods

Photos page

I have added a photo page, as I promised some time ago, which contains amongst other things a photo of me! Ladies, an orderly queue please! I make no apologies for the stuff on it - you may well find it arse-threateningly boring. If you don't like cats, the risk is much greater. However there is a corking pic of Lloydy, with a hat of such splendour that I feel positively threatened...

The link, should you choose to accept it, is on the left-hand menu with the other permanent features. Click here if you're navigationally challenged.

Posted at 6:20 am by Jim Woods

Jackie Chan

I just saw Thunderbolt again on TV and am reminded how much I enjoy Hong Kong action movies. Here's a good Jackie Chan site.

Posted at 2:05 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 1 2002

Test entry

Bit content-poor today. This entry is a software test.

Posted at 3:04 am by Jim Woods

Monday September 30 2002

STD codes
Here is a site that contains, amongst other things, CodeLook. This application will take any sort of dialling code and will tell you what and where it is and how much a call to it will cost. Beast. The best use I have for it is looking up mobile numbers that people give me in order to see what network they use and bear it in mind if it's different from mine. Because if it is, it costs mucho. Many other uses too. I love STD codes anyway. Because I'm a weirdo. Bring it on.
Posted at 7:46 am by Jim Woods

If you live in Oxford, UK, and like to play an instrument in public...

Then watch this space for some leg-wetting news.

Posted at 7:33 am by Jim Woods

Rather corking high voltage photography
This you have to see!
Posted at 7:24 am by Jim Woods

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