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Friday September 27 2002

Pulsing retail joy
Argos online! I have the catalogue strategically situated in the bog, I have the superstore ten minutes away and now - I can scarcely believe my good fortune - I have access to all the stuff, online! Bargos!
Posted at 9:25 am by Jim Woods

Easter Egg Archive

This is an endlessly entertaining one - the good old Easter Egg Archive! I'd forgotten that this existed...

Let me quote (without permission, but hey):

"What is an "Easter Egg"? - The term "Easter Egg", as we use it here, means any amusing tidbit that creators hid in their creations. They could be in computer software, movies, music, art, books, or even your watch. There are thousands of them, and they can be quite entertaining, if you know where to look."

Go to it.

Posted at 8:57 am by Jim Woods

Dover military and other bogle exploration and underground general amusement

Go through the port of Dover? Bet you didn't realise that that enormous castle is only the tip of the iceberg as regards military history in the area (I know, I know - at least I'm not talking about computers again). Get your cheap roll-up tobacco in France and then go down a dangerous hole in Dover and smoke like fury! The possibilities are endless, and such fun.

I'm not going to attempt to pontificate on just what delights await, though I must say I'm having a hard time restraining myself, but here are some really rather comprehensive (I use that word a lot in relation to websites, but then Mrs. W's boy don't post no links to no bullshit) sites:

Dover Underground

White Cliffs Underground

(get down there men!)

Posted at 4:41 am by Jim Woods

Current preponderance of computing stuff (again - slap)

I really try to put up some interesting stuff that's not computer or internet related, but often when I'm at the computer it's all that comes to mind. I kind of draw the line at using this site as a personal diary because frankly I'm not that vain. But when I stumble across other stuff (u-boats and the like) I bung it in here. I guess we're back to the old thing really - you want something else, ask me! I still do enough IT work that I can check out sites purely as compatibility tests or utility fodder, and I'm available (within reason) as a freelance researcher and data miner, so if there's a direction you want explored...

Posted at 3:09 am by Jim Woods

Can't stop playing with yer connection?

Neither can I. Excellent. Here's one for you then - Naviscope. I had this one down as a stability-reducer until I realized that if one doesn't run ZoneAlarm in its recent incarnations everything stays happy on the dialup networking front. Took me a while to realize this since I ran ZA for ages as a sine qua non of internet access. All goes to show that not everything gets better with each new version. See OldVersion.com, which I listed earlier this week!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes - Naviscope. There seems to have been no update to this for more than a year now, but as it stands it is a handy utility. It does everything really, from cache management through site mapping to ad-blocking to throughput metering. I love the site mapper and I use the ad-blocker although being on ADSL I haven't yet worried myself too much about tweaking the configs to optimize this.

If you fancy a neat new net toy, give Naviscope a go.

Oh, and the "realizes" and "optimizes" and stuff in this piece are a result of what I imagine to be an American spell checker, which just now I am too tired to fight! What's the point of rapid content generation if you have to proof read it for hours. Having said that I am the arch pedant when it comes to matters of spelling, grammar and so on, and welcome lively debate on such via email. In fact I welcome all human contact resulting from this site. I know from my logs there is a hard core of readers and some occasional visitors. Let's hear you.

Posted at 2:57 am by Jim Woods

Thursday September 26 2002

Computer security
Wilders.org is a good security site with many free tools for keeping trojans, spyware and viruses under control. I'm going to do a bit of a security special here before too long, outlining what the real risks are and how to avoid them, or at least minimise them, without spending half your life struggling with complex and semi-effective software. It's amazing how much of the stuff out there in security is more trouble than the threats it protects against... (there's a contentious statement). In fact, I'll start now. 1. BACK UP EVERYTHING INCREMENTALLY AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN BEAR TO. 2. Run an up-to-date, decent virus checker as often as you can bear to. AVG is good. Scan all your downloads with it, after an initial thorough check of your system, and things should be nailed from that angle. 3. Use Windows Update (if you're a Windows user of course) to keep security patches rolling in. People, Bill puts 'em out all the time. 3a (personal opinion) Use pretty much anything except Outlook Express for your email. Trust me on this. 4. Run Ad-Aware (kept up to date) after installing anything new. 5. Contemplate using a firewall, if you can find one that doesn't f*ck up the stability of your system too much. Read up on the whole Windows networking security thing at Steve Gibson's excellent site. 6. Keep an eye on The Register for new security issues, and excellent tech news reports in general. That little lot should keep you happy for a while.
Posted at 5:04 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday September 25 2002

Blog 7.0

Now well into beta, with a digest function and categories... I'm still doing this site with 6.1 because I'm a conservative curmudgeon, but for those who like to beta you'll find it here.

Posted at 6:12 pm by Jim Woods

Old software versions
OldVersion is a useful site, acting as a repository for older versions of common software packages. This is useful when your favourite freeware turns to adware or becomes so bloated that it no longer resembles the slim young app with which you fell in love. Previous versions usually aren't easily available when a new one comes out, but a look at this site often turns them up. Makes me wonder why I haven't kept a similar archive, but then if storage space were infinite think of the software we'd all have!
Posted at 6:08 pm by Jim Woods

Places of World War Two has a huge load of stuff on it relating to various historic sites. Some great bunker stuff too.
Posted at 6:06 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday September 24 2002

Fancy a flying jet car?

If you do, talk to Moller! My guess is you'll need your wallet. But you will be the first person on your street to deafen everyone and wipe out TV reception. And apparently it does 25 miles per gallon cruising. Astonishing...

Posted at 4:42 pm by Jim Woods

Sea Hunters

Just been watching The Sea Hunters on National Geographic TV again; if you're at all into shipwrecks this is one series to follow if you can. You'll need satellite or cable TV to do so, but then you'll need that to watch pretty much anything these days.

Posted at 3:57 am by Jim Woods

Sunday September 22 2002

Belgian property

Sorry there's been little activity here for a few days - I've been somewhat busy watching Farscape DVDs and sorting out some musical projects and writing and drinking Guinness and so on and so on.

By way of an apology, here's the biggest property site in Belgium. I'd be a bit suspicious about some of the prices though. One mid-sized villa seems to be for sale at 12 million quid; unless I'm missing something this is a little steep. I suspect that the automatic currency conversions don't always nail it.

What a treat, eh?

Posted at 1:59 pm by Jim Woods

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