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Thursday September 19 2002

UK consumers ripped off (part 567,333 of an infinite series)

The Register notes that we are paying more for CDs than our European counterparts and that record companies are using anti-competitive practises to make this so. The Office of Fair Trading is now on their case...

Posted at 2:47 pm by Jim Woods

Recording artists rebel against record company w*nkers
Here's the story in USA Today.
Posted at 2:46 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday September 18 2002

More diving stuff

Well, you'll need to dive to get at them thar U-boats... Here's a UK diving site that has links to a lot of useful resources, including some whizzy free decompression software.

Posted at 8:01 pm by Jim Woods

Nikon gone

Got a refund on the Nikon - I'm going to wait until I have more money to get a better, more robust camera.

Posted at 8:00 pm by Jim Woods

Still practising random digital photography

I have never seen anything devour alkaline batteries with the voracity of this Nikon. Also, low light performance is poor and the general construction of the beast is a bit flimsy. I think that the results, in daylight at least, are great for the money but I reckon something a bit more manly would be a better bet for me overall - something with a cast frame for a start. I worry about dropping the little Nikon every time I get it out!

Time to see what better stuff there is that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount more money...

Posted at 2:44 am by Jim Woods

Monday September 16 2002

Nikon Coolpix 2000

Initial reactions are that this is a pretty good little tool for the money. Battery consumption is brutal though, but I gather that this is the nature of the beast with digital photography. At some point I may post some pictures of my interesting cat collection or somesuch here. Bet you can hardly wait...

Posted at 3:42 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday September 15 2002


Just noticed that, to my rage and disgust, my primary email account is now contaminated by a trickle of spam. I always go to considerable lengths to avoid this happening, but obviously I slipped up. I dimly remember using it to register some software or something - at any rate it was something sufficiently serious as to make me feel that giving a here-today-gone-tomorrow Hotmail address or some such was not enough. When I backtrack my logs and establish how this happened I'll expose full details of the b*stards here and you'll know to give them a disposable address.

Spam really winds me up. I'll have to alias a different address on my broadband provider now and then do a mailshot to tell people. Nuisance.

If anyone knows a free email account provider (presumably web-based) that offers something a little less well, childish, than Hotmail please let me know. I just want a few accounts as decoys but that do not expire if you don't check them for a little. Answers on a postcard...

Posted at 1:33 pm by Jim Woods

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