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Saturday September 14 2002

If you're after a function band in or near Oxford...

Then call my friend Tim. Web site here.

Posted at 12:36 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday September 12 2002

Digital Cameras

I'm thinking about getting one of these, but I am exercising constructive paranoia as I imagine that digital cameras are no different from any other digital gizmo. Buy it, watch it get superceded (my spellchecker so wants an s in the middle of that word but I'm English dammit!) by something twice as good at half the price a week later, stick it in the cupboard in rage and disgust, replace and so on and so on. Die in poverty sleeping in park having lost bladder control and much of brain, believing oneself to have been interfered with by aliens.

Anyway, if you want to get on the slippery slope (and remember: boys want that slope) this site, Megapixel, is a good one for your reconnoitering. Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.

Wow! The spellchecker does not know the word spellchecker. This is monumental. I'm off for lunch...

Posted at 12:13 pm by Jim Woods

The Onion
This U.S. news site is a laugh a minute and a half.
Posted at 1:42 am by Jim Woods

Says God

And this is what...

Posted at 12:50 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday September 11 2002

One year

Let's not forget that today, again, we are all in some way or other New Yorkers.

Posted at 3:16 pm by Jim Woods

Amazing jazz for free

The Cricketers Arms, Iffley Road, Oxford, UK.

If this means something to you, get in there on every Tuesday night and you'll see some great jazz performed with some humour and it'll cost you nothing. The beer's good too. I know - I drank it all.

These guys are beginning to put me off my record collection...

Posted at 3:14 pm by Jim Woods

Trillian update
Cerulean have put out an updated Trillian, the instant messaging client which I am totally in love with. This baby copes with all major networks, thus allowing significant clutter reduction. They have also introduced a Pro version for which one has to pay; it does have some extra features, but nothing most of us can't live without. So far the only difference I've found is that the icons in the main screen are a hell of a lot clearer. This alone makes the upgrade to 0.74 worthwhile. The changes file lists a fair number of bug fixes too, but I have to admit that I'd never run into any of the relevant bugs. Now, if I can only work out why the file transferring within IM on my machine is kaput!
Posted at 3:07 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday September 10 2002

This you have to see...

Elephants jamming on musical instruments here.


Words fail me.

Then again, if some of the people I know can manage it...

Posted at 10:40 am by Jim Woods

Monday September 9 2002

A tabbed front end for Internet Explorer

I've just discovered Crazy Browser, a "shell" for the MS Internet Explorer html rendering engine (which is built into your operating system if you are a Windows sufferer). This free browser significantly increases functionality by provide tabbed browsing (which I have explained before at some length here - check the archives) and a popup killer. Other highlights are the ability to save and load pages in sets, a much better and more direct history viewer and various other capabilities.

If you use Opera or Mozilla or whatever because they have this kind of functionality, but are frustrated by the fact that many sites use non-compliant IE-specific html which only renders/works properly in IE here is a partial solution! I've been bashing Crazy Browser to death for a while now and it works very well indeed. I'll update you if it turns out not to...

This is where I found out about it. There are many other minority browsing tools here as well, so if you like browsers check it out.

Posted at 7:50 am by Jim Woods

Update to Day Tripper site

It's that time of the month again. The excellent and comprehensive Day Tripper site has been updated. For those of you who like to go over to France to shop (or whatever) this is a really vital resource. Information on damn near everything to do with tourism and shopping in the region. Beatle on over and have a look (couldn't resist).

Posted at 7:45 am by Jim Woods

Sunday September 8 2002


Just realized I'm off about computer / net stuff again. Well, deal with it. These links are good, guys.

Posted at 10:15 am by Jim Woods

Webcam Watcher

Webcam Watcher from Beausoft is available here free. I use this software to keep track of my favourite cams - up to the limit of 20 imposed by the free version of the software. I cannot truthfully say that this package is ideal; it seems a little unstable at times and the menus are a mess (IMHO). However it substantially works, and in scouring the web for a free cam watcher it was the only one I could find that was not disastrous. Get past the illogical operation and it should serve you well.

Let's face it, anything's better than having twenty Internet Explorer windows open to monitor your manor!

Posted at 10:09 am by Jim Woods

A directory of European webcams
Right here
Posted at 10:07 am by Jim Woods

Neil's the man

Have a gander at this! The unofficial, but beast kicking, Neil Young pages. This guy deserves your full attention of a Sunday morning. Do the church thing - read up on Neil's stuff.

As of right now www.neilyoung.com seems to have thrown the towel in. Maybe it's check shirt laundry day.

Posted at 9:35 am by Jim Woods

Snazzy new look

More cosmetic blog-tweaking, brought about by smaller-than-projected beer consumption over the weekend...

I reckon that this is a more attractive layout. Also, tabling the blog entries makes for shorter more readable lines. Let's face it, you're unlikely to see me adopt shorter more readable sentences. Clutch this straw, readers.

Posted at 9:27 am by Jim Woods

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