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Thursday August 29 2002

Pearl drums
Here are some very toothsome drums indeed... Make a racket, annoy the neighbours. You know, do the usual stuff.
Posted at 5:14 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 28 2002

Time Out Amsterdam - this month
Here's what we're all missing. Go to it...
Posted at 9:31 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 27 2002

Too much computer stuff

I notice that I'm tending to make the internet even more of an unnecessarily self-referential place with my recent posts. Time I found some interesting stuff that isn't related to computing and the net and stuck it here. I'm on the case, I'm on the case. The game is afoot.

Posted at 6:49 pm by Jim Woods

Annoyances is one of those handy sites with info on Windows itself (all versions) aimed at fixing well-known problems. Well worth a visit if yer Windows are playing you up a treat.
Posted at 6:46 pm by Jim Woods

Neat little things - number one in an infinite series

This operating system, Menuet, is completely written in assembler and therefore is so small it'll all fit on a high-density floppy disk. I've run it and the claims are true. Good effort. Now - what to actually do with it?

Posted at 6:41 pm by Jim Woods

Monday August 26 2002

Here's a site (in French) about new houses for sale in France

Just in case you're just like me.

Take me to Immoneuf!

Posted at 1:21 am by Jim Woods

Sunday August 25 2002

Fascinated by WWII aircraft and so forth lost in the Pacific islands?

Me too. So here's the mother-link. Because you thought I was joking.

Posted at 2:56 am by Jim Woods

OK, time to sell advertising space...

Posted at 2:47 am by Jim Woods

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