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Saturday August 24 2002

New heirloom acquired

I have just obtained a skin removed from one of the late great Cozy Powell's snares, which I shall put on my own snare. My life is just so enormous I sometimes don't know what to do with myself...

Posted at 9:15 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday August 22 2002

Annoying cursor dies lonely death

I have dispensed with the "orbiting who-knows-what" cursor since the Javascript was so horrendously inefficient that the rest of one's doings slowed to a crawl while viewing the page. Ha.

Posted at 8:11 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 21 2002

New Winamp 3.0 out (for a few days now)

Good old Winamp is now at version 3.0. This fine - and free - media player now looks a whole lot better, and copes with video too. If you have much to do with MP3s or really just media in general check it out. It's excellent for streaming net radio too - I listen to strange jazz on it wherever possible; that's how you get to the truth.

Posted at 1:11 pm by Jim Woods

A handy utility

The man Jouni Vuorio not only has a very nice clean site design, he makes a free utility which performs some useful tidying up of your registry and other file-related stuff like duplicate-finding. JV16 is one of the best of these sorts of things I've yet found. And I do keep an eye open. Like a sleeping feral cat.

Posted at 12:23 pm by Jim Woods

Yes, pulse is still there

Must just be that I'm too busy to write much here at the moment then. Sorry. Stay Tuned :>

Posted at 11:58 am by Jim Woods

Monday August 19 2002

Some excellently strange links

This page, the de Bouillon Family Mysteries, is a veritable trove of arcana related loosely to the Rennes-leChateau mystery, The Knights Templar and so on and so forth. Much entertaining, if rather wacky, bogling to be done from here!

Posted at 1:11 am by Jim Woods

Sunday August 18 2002

New Blog release

The (excellent) free software I use to do this page has a bug-fix 6.1 release out now - click on the logo at the bottom of this page if you want to get it.

Posted at 11:18 pm by Jim Woods

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