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Friday August 16 2002


Apologies for the rather infrequent updates of late. I've had various house-guests, fixed a few software problems, drunk a lot of Kronenbourg lager and kicked some musical arse. I'll resume more frequent updates when I have the time. Of course you could investigate the archives...

Posted at 12:44 pm by Jim Woods

How Stuff Works

An excellent site, How Stuff Works, which explains the inner secrets of yer technology.

Posted at 12:43 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 14 2002


If you love the work of Bob Dylan (what? Why ever not?? Is there something wrong with you???) then look here for a real treat. Virtually all of his lyrics, and most of his published writings. An absolute goldmine for the aficionado.

Posted at 2:30 am by Jim Woods

Monday August 12 2002

Earthship.org is an amazing site. It's concerned with the process of building from waste materials to produce a home which has a high degree of thermal stability and apart from anything else is impossibly cool in more than a thermal sense. The stuff on the site concerns the USA, but here in the UK the idea is catching on. Give me a home like this wired for ADSL and Stratocasting capability and I'd never leave it...
Posted at 5:44 pm by Jim Woods

Mysteries Megasite

The Mysteries Megasite has more links to sites concerned with "mysterious things" than any human would ever have time to surf...

Think Noah's Ark, UFOs, ball lightning, Loch Ness Monster, time travel and yetis; then multiply by hundreds and bogle 'til you drop.

Posted at 2:01 pm by Jim Woods

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