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Tuesday July 30 2002

Tubular .net
Tubular .net has a large amount of Mike Oldfield info. Probably the best unofficial site.
Posted at 7:01 pm by Jim Woods

And for the real Oldfield afficionado...

Mike Oldfield ringtones for your Nokia mobile phone here!

Posted at 6:59 pm by Jim Woods

Mike Oldfield, I have been reminded by recent listening, produces a lot of very appealing music. Check out his site, where a really weird-sounding VR project can be tried out. It's hard to describe, but it's well worth a play. There is to be a rather larger version available in August I gather. Intriguing...
Posted at 6:55 pm by Jim Woods

James Last

Pay homage to the man at the James Last Appreciation Society.

Posted at 3:11 am by Jim Woods

Masses of music-related news and reviews
Harmony Central is one of the best places on the web for the above...
Posted at 3:10 am by Jim Woods

Sunday July 28 2002

A glimpse of the future?

Like, I suspect, the majority of heavy net users I often feel that we just see more and more of the same old stuff both in software and indeed in debate. So when a neat site like Mappa Mundi suddenly ups and shows that some really cool new software is growing out there I'm delighted.

Go and have a look - the process of discussion on the net appears to be evolving as we speak.

Posted at 2:38 am by Jim Woods

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