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Friday July 26 2002


Sorry about the lack of content at the moment; I'm nose-to-the-grindstone writing right now and will have to be on minimal-blogging mode until my work is done in that respect!

Posted at 3:49 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 24 2002

Useful writing tools

I'm doing my outlining and writing in Maple, which I'd strongly recommend as a general purpose document manager. There's no shortage of software along these lines out there, but for me this one works the best.

If you want something similar and free then Junk Drawer is good, but as I write this the web site for it seems to have gone AWOL. It can be found on the cd / dvd which comes "free" with PCPlus magazine in the UK though.

Both these apps and many like them are ideal repositories of little bits of information.

Posted at 9:56 pm by Jim Woods

Those who care beware beware

One good thing about being ongoingly under the weather with dental pestilence is that I'm getting a lot of stuff written and really filling in some of the gaps in my upcoming album - although recording project might be a less prejudicial term right now. It's a little like painting a picture for me in that I can "see" the finished result - but as yet I'm still straining to hear it. At last I can feel the beast there though, and this is good.

More later on this...

Posted at 5:10 am by Jim Woods

Monday July 22 2002

Pegasus Mail

If you're not using the award-winning, excellent and free Pegasus Mail for your emailing then you probably should be.... I've used it for nearly a decade and although, for one reason or another, I've used other email software as well this is pretty much as good as it gets.

And I say again - it's totally free. And I like that a lot.

Posted at 10:43 am by Jim Woods


You can read back issues (without the pics) of rather good Wired magazine here. And in fact subscribe to the print edition at what seem to have become worryingly cheap annual rates.

Posted at 10:41 am by Jim Woods


If you have Jetway hardware (and we know what that means don't we?) here is their site for updates and so on.

Posted at 10:40 am by Jim Woods

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