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Friday July 19 2002

Visit the homepage of a god

One of the beauties of the Miles Davis official site is the huge amount of his music that you can listen to via the web. Lengthy excerpts from most of his albums are here, and he made a few (!), in a range of qualities up to fully uncompressed WAVs. Ideal for researching before going shopping for Miles.

Of course, you'll end up buying the lot in any case. Unless you're deaf :)

Posted at 3:13 pm by Jim Woods

Rip-off Britain

Do something about the exorbitant UK prices of most things and shop in France! Hardly anything costs more and alcohol, tobacco, coffee, clothes and groceries in general are anything down to a quarter of the UK prices. The Day-Tripper site has a wealth of information from the cheapest travel tickets and where to shop to info on the tourist attractions and restaurant reviews.

I'm a frequent cross-channel traveller and shopper and I have found this site essential to get the most out of the whole experience!

Posted at 3:05 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday July 18 2002

Great Tomb Raider site

Pretty much the most comprehensive site I've come across - and believe me I've looked - on the Tomb Raider series of games, from Stella here.

Posted at 3:37 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 16 2002


Pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about the u-boat war 1939-1945 here. Astonishing amount of data.

Make mine a type XXI...

Posted at 9:22 am by Jim Woods

Monday July 15 2002

A blast from the rather recent past

Seems AOL still have my old site running - so I may as well exploit the opportunity to link to it from here!

I cancelled my sub when I went onto Pipex ADSL broadband (cheap and excellent so far by the way). But AOL seem to have a fetching way of leaving stuff like this on their servers for years.

'Course now they'll remove it before anyone has the chance to go there and marvel at it; well, it's a touch more designer-y than this new site but at that point I was unaware of the merits of keeping stuff simple and viewable to all.

Must get some photos up soon, I have just resolved.

Posted at 5:22 am by Jim Woods

And again for emphasis!

Good grief there are some amazing photos on Steve Deiwert's home page. And his wife's paintings are rather neat too! You really have to go look.

Posted at 5:20 am by Jim Woods

Amazing photos

If you're even half interested in Japan or Airstream caravans (amongst other things) then take a look at Steve Deiwert's home page.

I loved it - some of the landscapes are sensational. I found this page from a feature on the National Geographic site, which as you would expect is also an excellent experience.

I love photographs nearly as much as I love travelling - stuff like this reminds me that it's high time I started taking some again.

Posted at 4:49 am by Jim Woods

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