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Saturday July 13 2002

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Without the ecstasy :(

Had a nasty little (well, ok, huge) lower wisdom tooth removed today (oops, yesterday - it's keeping me up) here in Oxford at the John Radcliffe hospital under a local anaesthetic. This rotten-to-the-core brute had been haunting me for a while now - a couple of years or more. I was anxious to be rid of it but knew from the x-rays that under a half-shot away crown was a pair of roots resembling the legs of someone photographed doing the twist mid-spin.

In short, I knew to expect some trouble.

Due to a scary adverse reaction to premedication on a prior visit to hospital - for the same purpose - it was going to have to be a local. Well, it turned out to be eight jabs and it still hurt like hell. Three people and a specially-rounded-up extra-big dental crowbar had at my nemesis for more than half an hour before it finally came loose. By then I'd had gum hacked away, bone cut away - I felt lucky to be left with my wristwatch.

I cannot describe the swelling and pain I am now enduring, and presumably will endure for a week or so. Nurofen is not making a dent in it. This can go two ways - either I get a lot written, including in this blog, while I convalesce or I take to my bed for a day. So if I'm quiet that'll be why.

I am tempted to post a pic of the fearsome article, still splendidly encrusted with good Norman gore - it's the kind of thing children love, after all. It's so fearsome that the hospital wanted to keep it, pour encourager les autres, but I wasn't having that. It's pretty much the neatest thing I own and I paid for it in pain, sweat and blood. So if anyone wants to see the bad boy I'll do a nice little study of it from a few angles*.

What do you reckon? Answers to the usual address! woods_jim@remove-this-Babylon-confounding-bit-hotmail.com

* tech note: If I can get my LG webcam going reliably - pull out your finger(s) LG and write some software for it that works, eh? Three-year-old software for a current device is pathetic, and three-year-old software that renders any version of Windows I've tried it on unstable - more so than usual - is having a laugh.

Posted at 2:30 am by Jim Woods

Thursday July 11 2002

Hilarious road safety tips
This is extremely funny! Thanks for that one, big Alex.
Posted at 9:28 pm by Jim Woods

Virtual communities and painted shoes
Howard Rheingold is an interesting guy to visit if you're at all interested in virtual communities. Actually, I think the painted shoes are the best part!
Posted at 9:07 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 10 2002

Here's a way of effortlessly doing a bit of good

And who can argue with that...

If you go to The Hunger Site it should become fairly evident what to do. Basically, advertisers pay a certain small amount of money per visitor to these sites. So when you do your thing and click as instructed you go to a page where you are exposed to their banners; you just see them on the page, nothing more demanding than that.

This generates a few cents, and does your good deed for the day. If you follow the trail through all four of these sites you buy 1.1 cups of staple food for a hungry person, a bowl of food for an unfortunate animal in a shelter somewhere, help to fund breast cancer screening for women who otherwise would not get it and save 11.4 square feet of rainforest. Enough to camp on while you drink your cans!

Go for it. As often as you can bear. Bookmark and go for it.

Posted at 5:05 am by Jim Woods

MS Combat Flight Simulator

Joy joy! Get this and get online with it! 15 and you can shoot all your mates, as well as strangers.

Unless you fly against the people I have been flying against; then you get shot down :(

Not always but too much. But that will change. Because I will practice much.

Tally-ho Ginger!

Posted at 2:06 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 9 2002

Tour Joy

O great and unbounded joy - the excellent VTV Tour de France coverage is in fact still out there! Unfortunately it is on ITV2 which means that terrestrial viewers are missing out; fortunately I am not a terrestrial viewer. I am green, with antennae.

Well, I have digital satellite TV at any rate. So I know what I'm doing for three hours most afternoons for the next three weeks.

I really thought the Venner TV coverage was lost these days. This all goes to show that I should have checked the good old TV listings rather than done my researches on the web, since then I'd have spotted the schedules fairly quickly. As it was I'd gone straight to the official website and that's what pointed me at the inferior Eurosport coverage which I'd given up on last year.

All goes to show that invaluable though the web is as a research tool it isn't the only one nor is it necessarily the best under all circumstances. Of course if I got around to watching more TV (I watch maybe four or five hours a week if that except when there's something special like the Tour on) , I'd have a better idea of what's on...

Posted at 1:30 am by Jim Woods

Monday July 8 2002

And a beast of a free image viewer too!
I feel I must view many things
Posted at 6:39 am by Jim Woods

An absolute beast of an audio CD copier freely available
Oh yes yes gimme gimme!
Posted at 6:36 am by Jim Woods

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